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Ayan (2009) – Surya’s Tamil Movie DVD Rip

Cast: Surya, Prabhu, Tamanna and others
Director: K.V. Anand
Producers: M. Saravanan, M.S. Guhan, Aruna Guhan, Aparna Guhan
Music: Harris Jeyaraj

The movie begins by showing Suriya aka Deva as a wealthy and well-educated traveller ( who criticizes corporates) only to find his English to be replaced with Madras slang and his true profession revealed when he leaves the airport. Suriya is a smuggler working for Prabhu (Doss)and in this intro scene, he is seen smuggling pirated copy of a diwali release.

In the next few scenes the villain emerges. Akashdeep Segal (Kamalesh), son of a friendly rival of Prabhu’s gang wants to depart from the friendly ways and establish himself as the numero uno. Segal informs the police about the piracy and Suriya and gang have a close escape.

Next, we are taken to Congo, the land of diamonds and AIDS, as said by Suriya’s character. Here we see Suriya, and his sidekick Jegan, obtain a pouch of diamonds from the country’s rebels. Suriya is watched in Congo by Segal and his men and what follows is a brilliantly choreographed action sequence in which Suriya recovers the diamond pouch that Segal’s men steal from him. If you, like me, expected to see more such action sequences later in the movie, you will be sorely disappointed, for, with this action sequence and the “hero’s intro” song (Pala palakra pagala nee), the movie is pretty much over. The audience can now throw in some romance, some twists and a climax sequence to get the entire “picture”. The movie is about how Deva overcomes Kamalesh in his smuggling venture and eventually becomes ( not unpredictably) a customs officer.


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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